Monday, February 26, 2018

Antelope Canyon Portfolio

These photographs are from a series I took back in 2007.  They are photographs I kept going back to, but never feeling they were just right.  In late 2017, ten years after my visit, I decided to revisit the photographs and take a different approach.  After four months of processing work, the photographs are complete.

Both Antelope Canyons, Upper and Lower,  have fascinated me as a photographic target for over 30 years.  To me, they represent a challenge not just from the technical point of view with the huge range in brightness and tone, but also from the artistic standpoint.  My struggle was in how I wanted to see the subject matter.

I have seen many photographs over the years that were in colour, and showed the canyon floors.  While beautiful, the photos to me felt like someone documenting the canyons themselves.  I wanted something different.  While I wanted to photograph in the Canyons...I did not want the photographs to be of the canyons.

While I know that in itself sounds odd, I see the interior of the canyons more as abstract shapes... Light painting across a black canvas.  This change in my interpretation of what I saw allowed me to approach the photographs in a different manner.  Now, I see the results as light almost floating in a black void.  These photographs now better portray how I felt while venturing through both canyons.  While some may find them too dark, for me, they convey what I felt better than any previous attempts at viewing the work...and it only took me ten years to figure it out.

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